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About PRC Music


For informations, requests, distribution, promotion, wholesales, trades... e-mail us here

PRC Music is an underground label promoting underground bands and Music. We have no goals for worldwide domination and and we are not the new kids on the block neither. We have been doing this racket since the mid 1980's and we have been doing it our way... meaning we were never following any trends or jumping on any bandwagon to look cool, to make a quick dollar or to follow the rest of the herd... never. We have released well over 150 different titles since we got hooked to this racket, with bands such as GORELUST, MERLIN, FUCK THE FACTS, DAHMER, OBLIVEON, GORGUTS, MESRINE, NEGATIVA, PROFUGUS MORTIS (now BLACKGUARD), TALAMYUS, BEYOND CREATION, AFGRUND, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, VULCANO, ALUNAH, NAPALM RAID, SACCAGE, HELLACAUST, WHIPSTRIKER... Promoted everything from Thrash and Death Metal to Doom and Grind. We used to operate the PROFUSION (le Metalstore) , a record shop we started in 2003 and sold in 2011. PRC MUSIC was started a few months before selling the store. We were aiming for a simpler life and moved out of town to a more rural region of the province of Quebec. Life is simple now... Now we can fully concentrate on the music.

Join our Mailing list here! and be among the first ones to learn about our new arrivals, re-stocks, Label news, new offers etc. We will have special deals or gifts for the ones subscribing to our mailing list as well as regular offers for our Facebook buddies... join both!

PRC is indeed a very small record label but we work hard and take pride in doing all we can to have our releases distributed as much as possible, in as many countries as possible. For those who are interested, we have in store distribution in Canada and in the USA (via MVD), in the UK (via PHD), in Germany (via Cargo) and in Benelux (via Suberban) and we are dealing with well over 150 distributors worldwide in Japan, China, Russia, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Puerto Rico etc. The list is endless and growing everyday. True fans of the underground will find our stuff one way or another... if not, well, point your browsers to our new e-shop and have a blast! Buy 3 and get 1 Free!

4ONE8 RECORDS is a new division of PRC MUSIC focusing and specializing on Hard hitting distorted Pys Blues Heavy ROCK established in October 2015 and starting its activities in the spring of 2016. Check the 4ONE8 Section for bands and releases.

SUBMISSIONS: Please contact us and send us a link (Bandcamp or Dropbox only! No attachments!) where we can stream your material. If we are interested we will contact you back. Don't waste your time (and ours) sending us anything if your band plays Symphonic Black Metal of any type of Metalcore, Deathcore, Djent, Instrumental music... we have nothing against any of it, we are just not interested in signing it ourselves. When submitting your music, please mention if its for PRC or 4ONE8. *** We are currently looking for 4ONE8 bands! ***

PROMO REQUESTS: Please contact us for promo material, interview requests, or for sending a review you have done. Thank you.

TRADES: We trade with bands and labels. Get in touch first and send your list. We trade with our own releases only. Most of our releases are available for licensing on LP format. Contact us if you are interested.
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