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PURGATOIRE's debut album almost completed! Coming out on May 27th 2016 --- New signature: VORTEX (Quebec, Canada) and SEPUTUS (Ny, Usa), details will follow soon! --- UNLEASHED MAGAZINE Issue no. 1 OUT NOW and available for free! Check it out! --- REPLICANT coming out on May 13 2016 --- 4ONE8 Records in full swing! MERLIN, SATURNA, ELECTRIC HOODOO's albums coming out March 11 in the USA and March 18n in Canada! MONTGOLFIERE's debut album coming out in May 13 --- New distribution deal in Canada starting on March 18 through CONVEYOR / UNIVERSAL direct! --- Full streams for the new DEVIANT PROCESS and DUALITY albums scheduled, check our facebook page for details! --- PURGATOIRE and SPIRIT OF REBELLION will be touring together in Quebec this summer, more details to follow! --- PRC MUSIC showcases in the working stages for Fall, stay tuned! ---


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