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2014.12.08 --- We blew up the bandwitdh... ---

Yup! Our little fancy player didn't last long through the utter savagery that is WE ARE THE UNDEAD... We blew up the bandwitdh in about 6 hours... and since the supplier of the said fancy little player is unreliable and a pure waste of time we have decided to move everything on BANDCAMP as we already use that plateform anyway... ENJOY! Buy the album! Support the people that support the underground! GORELUST are kings!

2014.11.30 --- Vacations! Heading out to the beaches... ---

PRC MUSIC will be closed for vacation from January 7th to February 1st 2015. You can still order from the shop while we are hitting the beaches and the 70.000 TONS OF METAL Cruise, but we will ship your order on February 3rd.

2014.11.30 --- Gorelust! They are indeed... undead! ---

Thanks to all of you who bought the GORELUST bundles! Pre-orders are now closed for the bundles, we are now going forward and printing the shirts we need... All Bundles will ship out on January 8 MAXIMUM (we hope and will do everything to ship earlier)! Those of you who pre-ordered at FREESON in Montreal and AUDITION in Rimouski will be able to pick up their bundles on January 8 at the latest as well... No worries, we will get in touch with ya all! We are gearing up for the GORELUST "Reign of Lunacy" re-issue on vinyl! We are finalizing the audio master now and the layout is almost finished... should be going to press shortly!

2014.11.30 --- Vulcano! The legends are hitting North American shores... ---

PRC MUSIC is licensing the new album from the legendary Brazillian Blackened thrash metal band VULCANO for distribution worldwide except Brazil! To say that we are ecstatic would be an understatement... The official release date for the PRC MUSIC version of the "Wholly Wicked" album is 05.05.2015 through Universal in CANADA and Mvd in the USA... right on time for the band's first appearance on the American soil at the now prestigious Maryland Deatfest!


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